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    Gain insight into the visa options available to you as you make arrangements for your move anywhere in the world. You can apply for residency through 6 visa categories.

    Citadel Height is ready to support individuals who possess the necessary qualifications, sufficient work experience, a thriving business, or a strong desire to relocate abroad. We offer assistance through our Skilled Migration, Family, Student, and Investor Programs, enabling successful candidates to obtain Permanent Residency. Whether you seek professional opportunities, reunite with family, pursue education, or invest in the country, Citadel Height is here to help you navigate the immigration process smoothly.

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    Visa Categories

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    Critical Skills Work Visa:
    The Critical Skills Work Visa enables individuals whose occupations are listed as critical skills to engage in employment anywhere in the world. Eligibility requires inclusion of your occupation on the critical skills list and possession of a relevant tertiary qualification. Additionally, you must have obtained employment in your desired country aligning with your critical skills occupation, and registration with the appropriate professional body is mandatory.

    Intra-Company Transfer Visa:
    The Intra-Company Transfer Visa allows employees of foreign companies to be transferred to a branch or subsidiary located in another country. To qualify, a relationship of a branch, subsidiary, or common shareholding between your company and the foreign entity must exist. Furthermore, you must demonstrate your commitment to transferring your skills and knowledge to the foreign employees.

    Spousal/Life Partner Visa with Work Endorsement:
    The Spousal or Life Partner Visa with a Work Endorsement permits the spouse or life partner of a foreign citizen or permanent resident to reside and work in the foreign country. To be eligible, you must be married to or in a life partnership with a citizen of a foreign country or permanent resident, and you must have secured a job offer in the foreign country.

    Exchange Visa:
    The Exchange Visa enables individuals under the age of 25 to undertake employment in a foreign country for a period of one year. To qualify, you need to have secured employment with a company in the foreign country.

    • The spousal visa enables the spouse of a citizen or permanent resident to live in a Country.
    • To be eligible, you must be legally married to a citizen or permanent resident.
    • Furthermore, you have the option to endorse your visa for work, business, or study purposes.
    • The Life Partner Visa permits the life partner of a citizen or permanent resident to live in a country.
    • To be eligible, you must be in a recognized life partnership with a citizen or permanent resident.
    • At the time of your visa application, you must have been in a committed, long-term, monogamous relationship for two years or longer.
    • Additionally, you are required to provide evidence of cohabitation and shared finances for a minimum of two years.
    • Furthermore, you have the option to endorse your visa for work, business, or study purposes.

    The Business Visa allows individuals to reside for the purpose of establishing and operating their own business.

    Additionally, you are required to submit a comprehensive business plan that demonstrates the viability of your business, its potential to generate significant employment, and its alignment with the national interest.

    • The Retired Visa enables individuals to reside as retirees.
    • The Study Visa allows individuals to pursue studies at a registered educational institution.
    • To qualify, you must have been accepted into a formal course of study offered by a recognized educational institution.

    Our Process

    To initiate our process, we begin with a complimentary eligibility assessment, which entails no obligation on your part. Following that, one of our immigration consultants will contact you to discuss your intended activities in the country of your choice and your specific requirements. Depending on the circumstances, you may be requested to provide additional documents or information to enable our consultant to verify your visa eligibility and offer comprehensive advice.

    After determining your visa eligibility, our immigration consultant will engage in a detailed conversation with you, exploring the various visa options suitable for your specific circumstances. They will provide guidance on the most suitable path forward. During this discussion, feel free to ask any queries you may have regarding the visa application process or immigration to the country you have chosen.

    While our eligibility assessment carries no obligation, should you decide to engage Intergate Immigration as your immigration agent, we will send you a detailed written service offering. This document will explicitly outline the terms, conditions, and associated costs. You will be granted a period of 30 days to thoroughly review the agreement and provide your acceptance if you choose to proceed.

    Upon signing the necessary documents, your case will be promptly assigned to a dedicated immigration administrator who will provide comprehensive support throughout your visa application process. They will guide you through each step and ensure that your application is complete and accurate. In the event that you submit your application in Cape Town or Johannesburg, one of our team members may accompany you to VFS on the submission day to ensure a seamless and efficient process.

    Our dedicated team diligently monitors the status of each application on a daily basis. Rest assured that we will promptly notify you as soon as the outcome of your visa application becomes available.


    With over 500+ applications processed & a success rate of 95%,  journey to your desired counry is GUARANTEED! 

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